Angular Webpack Starter Kit ngx-admin

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Hi there.
As you know i'm working on Open Source CRM system TorgCRM.
In this project i use JHipster as my backend server with REST API, Qt for desktop App, Ionic for mobile app and Python DJango for E-Commerce platform.

And i'm gonna make web application that will work wth REST API also.
Today, in 2018 chose which Javascript framework i'm gonna use for my SPA application is like nightmare. So many good frameworkds, modules and tools. Crazy 🤕.

I don't wanna configure my project from scratch, draw UI, build UI components. I wanna use some ready to use framework.
Recently, while i serfe in the net, i've found one: ngx-admin starter kit.

This is live demo 🎉🎉🎉.

It's really awesome in first look.
I will try to use this framework to make an open source web application for my REST API.
While i'll dive in this framework i will post comments about it in this thread.

If you are interested in it or you have any questions, we can discuss it here.

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